• Saliq Khan | Profile

    Focused on IoT, Security & Smart Premises

    Saliq Khan leverages his background in quantitative finance, information systems and data mining to support the coverage of tech-enabled services companies, with a strong focus on Internet of Things (IoT), Security, and Smart Home. He currently sits on the Advisory Board of Toronto-based LocateMotion.

    He actively seeks new investment ideas and industry trends at leading trade shows and conferences, including IoT World, CES, and RSA.

    Leveraged a Strong Finance Background

    Prior to Imperial Capital, Saliq held various roles at Morgan Stanley Capital, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup. 

    Masters in Business Administration, with a focus in information systems and data mining, from Johns Hopkins University.

    Masters in Finance, with a focus in quant finance and investment valuation, from Johns Hopkins University. 

    Bachelor in Finance from Indiana University.

    Built Deep Industry Relationships

    Saliq's role goes beyond the typical investment and financial valuation and reporting. 

    He regularly visits the management teams of privately held and publicly traded companies and speaks with them about how they are improving their operations, their growth profile, and creating a competitive and strategic moat around themselves.