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Forbes: The Exclusive Inside Story Of Ring: From 'Shark Tank' Reject To Amazon's Latest Acquisition

With crushing competition looming, Ring, the home security device company that has had a near-monopoly on the market for video doorbells, is selling itself to Amazon for a reported $1.1 billion. “I’m beyond happy,” said Ring founder Jamie Siminoff about the deal, “incredibly so.” 

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LA Times: Ring modernized the doorbell, then its inventor, Jamie Siminoff, went to war against crime

If booming sales, expanding offices and a parade of TV commercials hadn’t  put Jamie Siminoff on the radar of the home security industry, an early  March incident certainly did. 

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CBS News: Free police body cameras: PR stunt or a step forward?

Axon International wants to give a body camera to every police officer in the U.S. -- free of charge. If only it were that easy.

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Security Sales & Integration: CES 2019: Smart Home Observations

A great deal of excitement around 5G, AI, DIY and interoperability across platforms.

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CE Pro: FLIR Exits DIY Video Surveillance Biz, Ending Thermal-Imaging Apps for Consumers

With the sale of Lorex to Dahua, FLIR looks to move away from the DIY security and small to medium-sized security products business. 

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Security Sales & Integration: Why Innovation Is Key to Keeping Pace With Rise of Subscription Models

While many DIY products combine a service element, not all do. That is  also part of the DIY appeal: buy what you need and don’t be bothered by  sales or service reps. 

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